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Who and Why?

Who is Roxy and why is she a paint lady?


Roxy is short for Roxanne Coria. I am a full time social worker with a passion for creativity. After trying the paint to save some money on replacing an outdated dining room table, I fell in love. I knew right away that I had to sell this paint. No, I have never thought I would use paint and love in the same sentence. I made a believer of my husband too who thought I was just silly getting so excited about paint. That was, until he tried it. He fell in love too but he is not as impulsive as I am so I am definitely the driving force behind this business. He is just the great husband who always says yes to his wife. That is a how The Paint Lady was born. 


I hope you fall in love too and cannot wait to see what you can do with the paint. Please send us before and after pictures to post on our site and or facebook. We hope to add some color to this world, one garage sale piece at a time. 

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