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What do I need to know to get started?

Prep:  Prep is a necessary step that prepares the piece for the paint. Prep is a solution that you spray or wipe on piece you are painting, allow 2-3 minutes and them wipe off prep. Prep removes waxes, residues, dirt, oils, and anything else that could interfere with paint adhesion. Prepping is the most important step. If piece is really dirty repeat the process. I personally like using our scrubby pads (available for only $3) to help do the prepping. 


Paint: Our paints come in pints, quarts, and gallons. Our paint brand is rethunk junk by Laura. Laura and her husband created this paint and are quite frankly amazing people and our paint is made right here in the U.S.! Our paint is resin based. Resin is a material used in making plastics and is known for its incredible durability and ability to adhere to almost anything. Our paint sticks to glass, wood, plastic, wicker, metal, stone, brick, and even fabric! You will notice the difference between our paint and any other furniture paints immediately. Our paint is really creamy, covers well, and goes far. 


When painting, start with a really thin coat. This coat should look ugly and it acts as your primer. If you are painting something really dark with one of our white colors, I recommend using our gray mist for your first coat. It will save you time and money because you will not need as many coats to transform your piece. 


Tuff Top: Our tuff top is an optional protectant that goes on your piece when you have finished painting. Our paint already has a top coat built in. Tuff top should be used on pieces that endure a lot of abuse. I use tuff top on dining room tables, chairs, and kitchen cabinets. It can be used on anything to add additional protection. We do not recommend you use tuff top on outside projects. This is because our paint has UV protection built in and if you use tuff top, the UV protection may be decreased. 


Metallic Paint: Our metallic paints are absolutely fabulous! The metallics are very sheer by themselves but can be used alone or layered over our solid colors.  Our metallics come in silver, pewter, gold, rose gold, champagne, and pearl. 


Stain top: Our version of stain is our stain top. You still do not need to sand when using this product. Keep in mind stain top is thin like stain so if you are looking for heavy coverage due to deep scratches, you may want to mix a tablespoon amount of paint into the stain top. 


Washes: Our WASH  (Wax Alternative Sealer and Hardener) is a way to add a hint of color and customize your piece. We have white wash, black pearl, warm stone, and sea glass. 


Shipping: Shipping paint is expensive! However, we cap your shipping at $9.95. If you are adding individual items to your cart and notice that shipping goes over that amount, you can email us at or use our contact form to receive an invoice with corrected shipping amount instead of purchasing online or we will automatically refund you the difference for any amount paid for shipping that surpasses $9.95 We never profit on shipping :)


How much paint?  This is tricky, because it depends on many variables such as the color you are choosing and the color you are starting with. The amounts given are estimates.

 A pint of paint should cover most entry tables, living room tables, a small dining room table. a small hutch, single dresser, your front door, 4 small dining chairs, or similar pieces. 

A quart of paint should cover a small dining room table with 4 chairs, a full sized hutch top and bottom, a dresser and two side tables, large buffet, entertainment center, 2 side tables and a coffee table, and similar pieces. 

Kitchen cabinet measuring: Kitchen cabinets should be measured lengthwise. You measure top and bottoms separately. So if you have 10ft of cabinets on top and 10ft on bottom there is a total of 20ft. One quart is estimated to cover 10ft of cabinets with 2 coats of paint. 

*** Keep in mind going from a really dark wood to one of our white colors may need additional coats to cover. In some instances we recommend doing one coat in our gray mist color paint and then finishing in the white of your choice to cover your piece easier and require less coats. 


We will be happy to help you with any other questions you have or deciding how much paint you will need for your project! We can also email you tutorial videos to help teach you how to use our paint. Please fill out the contact form or email us at 


Thank you so much for checking us out. Your support is very much appreciated and we aim to provide fabulous customer service and provide a product you are confident in using.

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